Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Certified Akaushi Beef label is our commitment to you to deliver the best beef eating experience. To receive HeartBrand’s Certified Akaushi Beef label, Akaushi beef undergoes rigorous quality guidelines and certified product testing. All HeartBrand Certified Akaushi Beef is USDA Prime quality grade. We conduct DNA verification to preserve the purity of the Akaushi breed and ensure a consistent and high-quality beef eating experience.


    We oversee beef production from the ranch all the way to your table, ensuring a safe, healthy and wholesome product for your family.


  • Wagyu is a collective term for all Japanese cattle. “Wagyu” translates simply enough as “Japanese cow.” Akaushi is a specific Wagyu cattle breed, separate and distinct from other Japanese cattle breeds.


    Both Kobe and Akaushi are members of the Wagyu family, but they are different breeds. Kobe beef refers to meat that is produced only and exclusively in the Kobe region of Japan with specific bloodlines of Japanese Black Cattle. Akaushi cattle are a Japanese Red Cattle and originated in Kumamoto, Japan.


  • HeartBrand cattle are on grass until they are 500-700 pounds, then transitioned to a higher energy feed that gives them intense marbling. Mother cows live on grass their entire lives.


  • The ranch is located in Harwood, Texas, which is about one-hour east of San Antonio and 2.5 hours west of Houston.


  • HeartBrand’s Akaushi cattle are started on grass until they are 500-700 pounds, then transitioned to a higher energy feed that gives them intense marbling. Mother cows live on grass their entire lives.


  • Akaushi beef has a higher concentration of monounsaturated fat which the American Heart Association notes can lead to lower cholesterol, the prevention of coronary heart disease and weight loss? Akaushi beef is also a natural source of oleic acid which gives HeartBrand Certified Akaushi Beef its buttery taste and is good for the heart


  • Dr. Stephen Smith is a professor of meat science in the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University and has conducted research on the health benefits of Akaushi beef 


    Dr. Smith teaches meat science, nutrition and physiological nutrition courses. He also conducts research on the growth and development of adipose tissue, particularly in the bovine species. He has investigated the limitation of cattle to marble and has used his background in molecular biology to investigate lipid metabolism in the bovine muscle.


    Dr. Smith has received national and international recognition, including receiving the American Society of Animal Science Southern Section Outstanding Young Animal Scientist Award in 1988 and the Animal Growth and Development Award in 1999


    Dr. Smith is a member of the Intercollegiate Faculty of Food Science and Technology and the Intercollegiate Faculty of Nutrition. Professional memberships include the American Society for Nutrition, the American Meat Science Association and the American Society of Animal Science.


  • Previously, Akaushi beef had been limited solely to Japan, where herd size and beef supply had been restricted by the scarcity of grazing land. In 1994, a group of ranchers brought eight cows and three bulls to Texas, becoming the first breeding nucleus outside of Japan.


    HeartBrand Beef has taken great care to diligently maintain Akaushi genetics by replicating Japanese production systems, management practices and breeding programs. Our herd is now more than 14,000 head strong.


  • HeartBrand Certified Akaushi Beef is available online to ship direct to your door.

    HeartBrand Certified Akaushi Beef is also available at fine restaurants and grocery stores around the country.

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