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“Akaushi beef is definitely a cut above any other beef that’s available here in the U.S.”
Chef Mark Bohanan, Executive Chef & Owner, Bohanan’s Prime Steaks and Seafood, San Antonio, Texas
“Akaushi beef has an obvious superior quality and taste better than any other beef I have ever tasted. This greatness is not only noticed by me, but our customers too.”
Todd David, CattleAck BBQ
“Heartbrand is consistently the best product around!!”
Chef Eric Hunter, Fire Oak Grill
“Switched to HeartBrand 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. It’s the most consistently superior product on the market.”
David Hollister, Dagwoods Grinders & Growlers
“As a chef, it is our responsibility to present our clientele with the best dinning experience possible, which includes everything from wonderful and friendly service from our staff, to the freshest produce and ingredients. This philosophy is essential when selecting the type of meat to serve. That’s why at the Turtle Restaurant and Enoteca, in Brownwood, Texas, we choose to use Heartbrand Akaushi Beef. Our patrons expect a high quality steak when they eat at our establishment, especially with us being located in the heart of Texas. As a result, I prefer Heartbrand; not only is the meat local, but there is no comparison in caliber: the marbling is excellent, the flavor is impeccable, and it is the most tender cut of beef that I’ve personally ever worked with and eaten.”
Chef J.D. Segura, Turtle Restaurant

“Serving Local & Organic Food Seasonally, Our Akaushi Burgers are the BEST in Town.”

Chef Pogue, Farm to Fork Leander TX

“Selecting only the highest quality ingredients is our menu platform; therefore it only made sense to select HeartBrand Akaushi Beef for all our locations”. “We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, best sourced products and HeartBrand Akaushi Beef is a cut above the rest for our locations and our guest”

Wesley Oliver, Director or Marketing & Operations, Yucatan Taco Stand and Tequila Bar

“We started selling Akaushi beef patty hamburgers in our restaurant as a premium upsell product 60 days ago.  I am very happy to inform you that they now represent 10% and growing of our burger sales.  The customer acceptance and repeat business even with a price point over our standard offering has exceeded our expectations!”

Steve Clemons, Burger Edge, Dallas, Texas

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