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HeartBrand X Certified Akaushi Beef™ Ribeye Steak

HeartBrand X Ribeye


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HeartBrand X ribeye steak is a uniquely delicious cut of Certified Akaushi Beef from mature, 10-year-old Akaushi cattle. Our typical HeartBrand Beef cuts come from young, 30-month-old Akaushi cattle. This HeartBrand X approach to steak is a whole new — and incredibly tasty — frontier in American beef.

Boasting a spectacularly pronounced beef flavor and a milder tenderness than our regular Certified Akaushi Beef, HeartBrand X offers beef connoisseurs an exceptional eating experience unlike any other.

“Beef from a 10-year-old cow … It’s mind-blowing! What I love about HeartBrand X is the concentrated beef flavor that is unmatched.”

Chef Austin Simmons


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