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2- pack of 8 oz Tenderloin Filets


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The pinnacle of steak perfection. The most tender cut of beef. Now perfectly packed for a dinner for 2! If you think you’ve savored filet mignon before now, try a HeartBrand® Filet Mignon. We’ve elevated this steak to new heights, with a natural buttery flavor and fork-tender texture you can’t find anywhere else in the United States. Each filet is center cut. It’s Certified Akaushi Beef, with intense marbling for basting from the inside out to ensure succulent, supremely rich flavor every time. Try just one bite, and see why we think we’ve redefined perfection.

This pack is 2 of our mouth watering 8 oz Akaushi Filets per package.

In stock


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Weight 16 oz

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