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cowboy steaks heartbrand steaks beef texas 1 In 1994 due to a loophole in the trade Act of 1992 between the United States and Japan, a small nucleus of Akaushi cows and bulls were brought to the United States in a specially equipped Boeing 747. Today, Akaushi genetics are controlled by a group of Texans under the name HeartBrand Beef, Inc.

Akaushi cattle, a Bos Taurus type of cattle had their origin and evolution in Kumamoto, Japan. Kumamoto is located in the middle of Kyushu island at a latitude of 32 degrees, 48 minutes North and 130 degrees, 42 minutes East, in the northwest part of the Kumamoto Prefecture.
Cattle breeds are divided into two kinds in Japan. The first is dairy cattle, including mainly Holsteins, grade Holsteins and Jerseys. The second type of cattle are nearly all called Wagyu. The word Wagyu refers to all Japanese cattle by its direct translation of its two grammatical parts, "wa" and "gyu" meaning Japanese and cattle, respectively. The Wagyu cattle are the Japanese indigenous breeds, which have been subjected to genetic improvement over the last 90 years. Today, there are four breeds of Wagyu cattle, the Akaushi (Japanese Red), the Kryoshi (Japanese Black), the Japanese Polled, and the Japanese Shorthorn. It is estimated at the present time that a population of 58, 263 breeding age females represents the Akaushi breed.

Fifty years ago the Japan Association of Akaushi registration was created in order to collect, manage and process all Akaushi data. The Association has collected carcass performance, breeding pedigrees and economic data for every animal on the entire breed. These data have been use by master geneticists and scientists in the selection of every Akaushi dam and sire over the last half-century. At the same time, the Kumamoto Prefecture Agricultural Research Center has used these data to select prospective sire and dam lines to be utilized for further genetic improvement. Consequently, new sire and dam lines are only released for general production after they have been proven meritorious by extensive and accurate statistical analysis, using a sophisticated progeny-testing model.

As a result of this unique data processing closed system, the Akaushi breed is extremely uniform and consistent throughout the genetic lines for all carcass and palatability traits. Today, the uniformity of Akaushi carcass performance characteristics is superior to all Western beef cattle breeds.

HeartBrand Beef, Inc., is presently producing natural Akaushi meat under rigorous quality guidelines and certified product testing in a source verified vertically integrated production system. Our, program is designed to provide consumers the healthiest and highest quality natural Akaushi beef.
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